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Alignment Cassette Tapes
Alignment Cassette Tapes from A.N.T. Audio:

1) L03 - Level Setting Tape 250nWb/m (DIN) 315 Hz

2) L03VU - Level Setting Tape 160nWb/m (DIN) 315 Hz ("0VU" tape)

3) L04 - Level Setting Tape 200nWb/m (ANSI) 400Hz

4) S31A - Speed and W&F Test Tape 3150 Hz -10dB DIN (70us EQ)

5) S30A - Speed and W&F Test Tape 3000 Hz -10dB DIN (70us EQ)

6) A100/A100A - Azimuth Alignment Tape 10kHz -20dB DIN (70us/120us EQ)

7) T10 - Head Height Alignment Test Tape 1kHz narrow track (a functional equivalent of the Nakamichi DA09087B/DA09007B cassettes).

8) S30B - Speed and W&F Test Tape 3000 Hz -10dB DIN (120us EQ, Type I C60 cassette)

Available again

9) U04103-70A - "Combination" Cassette, Level 400Hz (200nWb/m ANSI), Azimuth 10kHz, Speed/W&F 3kHz, (70us EQ, C30 BASF Reference II Master cassette)

All tapes (except the T10) are recorded on the specially modified Revox B215 tape transport in a full-track configuration, using quality blank cassettes and the special Full-Track amorphous recording head from JRF Magnetics. Alignment tapes from BASF, STL, Teac, ABEX and Sony are used as primary references.

Each tape has a unique serial number and fully checked in both directions on two reference playback decks. Playback results are recorded on a computer for a full analysis and verification.

Please email for detailed information, prices and availability.

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