A.N.T Audio


Useful Utilities
The latest version 8 of the WFGUI program by Alex Freed - a small program that can replace a hardware W&F meter. It measures Wow&Flutter at either 3kHz or 3.15kHz, in the WRMS or DIN wtd standard, as well as the input signal frequency.
Note: This software is provided in good faith, but supplied "as is" without any warranty of any kind.

Real-time frequency counter from William Andrew Steer - very useful for a tape deck speed setting!

A musical fragment recorded with +/-2LSB only to check the low level capabilities of audio DA converters (Stereo 16bit 44.1kHz format, RMS level -91dB, 25s long, 0.6Mb compressed size)

Various articles

Reference Guides by Terence O'Kelly

BASF Inventor's Notebook by Terence O'Kelly

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